Leafy  Spurge

Growth Habit: Perennial, erect, up to 3' tall, spreading by seed or creeping roots.

Leaves: Alternate, long, narrow, ΒΌ" wide and 2" long, usually drooping.

Flowers: Inconspicuous, surrounded by large heart shaped floral leaves which turn yellow-green near maturity.


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Fremont County Weed and Pest Control District provides vegetation management services to many state and federal agencies. By filling a void in commercial applicator services in Fremont County, the District is able to provide quality weed control on public lands and rights of way that directly affect nearly every property owner and taxpayer in the county. The district charges for these services at market rates for herbicide and labor.

The District also treats weeds on privately owned non-crop sites for designated noxious weeds, bare-ground and treats some crop land for leafy spurge where other local commercial applicators are unavailable. There are several commercial applicators in Fremont County who take work on cropland sites and the district modifies its work load to prevent any direct competition with local enterprise. We do not retail herbicides in competition with local dealers.

For more information please visit our Weed Management Assistance page.

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